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Better icons + colorbars!

Heyy again, I thought the last batch of Alcor icons I brought in was a tad bland... so I've been spending some time coloring! I only have chapter one done thus far but I'm hoping to get the others done soon!
Also, there's a serious lack of .hack//G.U. colorbars so I made some. I don't have mad photoshop skills but I hope you'll find them enjoyable anyhow. c:

25 .hack//Alcor icons
+ 9 Alkaid
+ 3 Bordeaux
+ 11 Silabus
+ 2 Alkaid & Silabus
7 .hack//G.U. colorbars
+ 1 Alkaid
+ 1 Haseo
+ 1 Pi
+ 1 Saku
+ 1 Silabus
+ 1 Yata
+ 1 Silabus/Haseo


Icons and colorbars can be found here at selenia_icons. c: Enjoy!
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